Nowadays people want to be different and escape from the reality and daily routine because all people have too much stress. For this reason, everybody is increasingly trying to deal with the creation and get information about it, to take a lot of ideas.

Many original ideas for all types of creation can be found in design magazines. There we will find everything about design and all kinds of art. Some of them are architecture and decoration, pottery, painting, gastronomy, all about the latest fashion trends and lots of more.

One of the most basic and useful forms of design is decoration. Many years ago, people had the need to improve their private spase only in what concerned the functionality and practicality. But when they had just covered their basic needs, then they began to give importance at the beauty of their private place.

Year after year, the world evolves very quickly, economically, socially, and technologically, and the requirements become increasingly larger. Now, the main target to create a modern residence, is to combine functionality and style both together. But to do this right, the space has to serve and represent the owner.

The basic principles of decoration is the lighting, the materials, and the colours which are very important for the outcome of the house. For example, the lighting needs a lot of study to become right because each space is different and has its own requirements.

The right lighting means a place with visual comfort, charming presence and the proper performance of the architecture. To achieve this, we have to use four types of correct lighting. Firstly, the general lighting has to be enough so that we can move with comfort in this space. Secondly, very important is the the local lighting, which we need to do some work, then the atmospheric lighting which makes the atmosphere warmer and finally, the detailed that helps to highlight some decorative elements of the space.



The colours we will choose should blend with the area and sure we need first to consider the lighting in order to put the appropriate colours.
What we still need to be careful about are the materials we will use. We just have to know from the beginning what kind of style we want, if its modern, classic or traditional, to take the right decision for the materials that match.

These are all solutions that usually give us some experts, like designers and architects. On the other hand, we could also get some ideas and learn even the basics that we need to know to create a beautiful space, reading a design magazine. In that case, we can do it by ourselves, adding elements of our personality.


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